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YakAttack Mounting Versatility

Discussion in 'Mounting Systems' started by GlockGuy, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Jan 6, 2012
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    In this thread, I'll show just how easy it is to reconfigure your kayak rigging when you've used YakAttack GearTrac and MightyMount products as your base.

    Here is a 2012 Ride 135 kayak in an unrigged state. Present are 4", 8" and 12" sections of YakAttack GearTrac, as well as a few MightyMounts and NiteStripe.

    In this photo, the kayak has had its GearTracs filled with camera mounts, GPS and rod holders, while the MightyMounts hold a VISICarbon Pro safety flag/light and a PanFish Rotating Camera Pole.

    Looking more closely at the cockpit, there is a PanFish Portrait camera mount on the 4" section of GearTrac. On the 8" section of GearTrac is a RAM GPS mount attached via a Screwball. On the SlideTrax that Wilderness Systems provides, there is an Accessory Rail with various Screwballs. This could easily hold a fish finder and transducer arm or other accessories. YakAttack makes 2 different MightyBolts for their Screwball to make them compatible with GearTrac or other track systems such as the SlideTrax shown.

    In this example, I decided to move my GPS and still camera to the Accessory Rail to free up the center console.

    On the stern, we see a RAM rod holder installed on a 12" piece of GearTrac via a Screwball. The MightyMounts are holding, in the foreground, a VISICarbon Pro safety flag & light combo and in the background is a PanFish Rotating Camera Pole that holds a GoPro Hero HD video camera.

    A close-up shows the RAM rod holder.

    Let's say that I decide to swap the rod holder out for a DogBone camera mount. I simple twist the rod holder mount 180 degrees...

    ... and install the Dogbone in its place.
    Done, and in less than 15 seconds.

    On the bow, I've decided to switch from a fishing expedition to a filming one. I simply remove the rod holder by twisting it 180 degrees and sliding it off the GearTrac...

    ... and slide a DogBone with a video camera installed in its place.

    Total elapsed time - About 15 to 20 seconds.
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