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Discussion in 'VISIPole II' started by Lt.FireDog, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Lt.FireDog

    Lt.FireDog Administrator

    Feb 1, 2012
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    Florida's Treasure Coast
    Youngster Jamie Timmer bids adieu from Dad's Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 at Bear Point in the Indian River Lagoon, Fl.

    I, like others in the sport, have enjoyed DIY projects that either filled a need or substituted for expensive commercially made products.
    One of the projects I undertook was a kayak light pole that was completed for less than $20. This project served a single purpose of marking the kayak at dark and nothing more.

    Earlier this year (2011) I was taking part in the Florida Bass Paddlers “Big Bass Lucky Draw†Tourney in West Palm Beach, Fl. and had the good fortune of winning a newly introduced product; the VISIPole II manufactured and donated by Luther Cifers of YakAttack.

    The next weekend, with an additional Scotty mount installed, I found myself at the launch at 530am ready to do battle with some saltwater fishies.
    With a twist of the clear diffusing lense, the bright LED light allowed me to load up my gear without the need for a visor light. Once on the water, with the light above and behind me, I found that the light didn’t effect my night vision at all.

    As night turned to day I soon realized the other role of the VISIPole II, passive marking of the kayak by the bright fluorescent orange flag.

    If I had to come up with a negative; for some it’s one piece construction could create storage issues, but that is easily remedied by upgrading to the VISICarbon Pro which breaks down to 14″ and stores inside the nylon flag which doubles as a carry bag.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this product to those that demand the best and are willing to pay for it!

    As a colleague once described the YakAttack VISIPole II & VISICarbon Pro- “serious equipment for serious anglersâ€.

    ~Made in the USA.
    ~4’6″ tall delivering 360 degree protection on the water.
    ~TekTite LED light with 3/8″ fiberglass shaft.
    ~6″x18″ flag.
    ~Scotty & Floating Base.
    ~USCG approved SOLAS stripes.
    ~Prices start at $40, as pictured- $70.
  2. CAP

    CAP New Member

    May 21, 2013
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    Does the VisiPoleII floating base model mount with a T-bolt and GearTrack? Or does it just drop into a rod holder?
  3. YakAttack

    YakAttack Guest

    The V2F drops into a rod holder. The V2FM has the t-bolt.

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