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Screwball and Ram Fish Finder Mount

Discussion in 'Screwball' started by GeekFish, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. GeekFish

    GeekFish New Member

    Feb 19, 2013
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    My dad has a Ranger bass boat and is getting ready to install a 500 series Humminbird unit (I don't recall the EXACT model, but it is a 500 series down imaging unit). At any rate, his goal is to use it at the driver's console and be able to reposition it to use it from the front of the boat.

    He wants to use the ram mount to allow this rotation, but even then it would require a very long arm to be able to rise over the windshield. I had an idea today to utilize a GearTrac on the gunwale and a Screwball for the base mount to allow him to slide it forward of the windshield when using it in the front position. My question is actually two-fold, but only one of the questions relates to the screwball:

    How many rotations would be required to loosen the ball enough to slide up and down the track? Obviously with the power and transducer cables attached we need to be concerned with how many times he'd have to turn it.

    The second question is more GearTrac related, but I'll just throw it in this post:

    Would you recommend using a fullback or two since the base of the trac would be fiberglass? I'm really certain we should at least use bolts/nuts as screws shouldn't thread well in fiberglass.

    Any other considerations we should have when mounting this to fiberglass?

    Thanks in advance!

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