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RotoGrip Paddle Holder Hobie YackAttack Mighty Mount on Hobie PA 14

Discussion in 'General Kayak Rigging' started by STLKayak, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. STLKayak

    STLKayak New Member

    Mar 10, 2016
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    St. Louis, Missouri
    Rigging my Pro Angler has been an amazing experience compared to my fumbling attempts on my first two kayaks. I hated the paddle holder built into the PA14 on the left side of the seat, and instead added an additional 3 Hobie 9" H-Rails on the back of my PA. This gave me more mounting options for my Hobie YackAttack Mighty Mounts. I used a couple to mount a pair of RotoGrip Paddle holders, and they work incredibly well, and even get the paddle out of my way, yet in very easy reach when I need it. I actually have 4 of the Mighty Mounts on my kayak now, and with the H-Rails from Hobie, they give me a wide range of options for customizing my kayak as needed for any given trip. And to change mounting option on the fly. Below is a example of the RotoGrip paddle holder on my PA. Next purchase will be a VisiCarbon Pro. With the H-Rail Mighty Mounts, I can mount it on either side, behind my seat, on my BlackPak, or just about anywhere I need at any given time so that it will be visible, but not in the way of my back casting.

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  2. Yak Chum

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    Jun 2, 2012
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