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Discussion in 'YakAttack Supported Events' started by Vinny Ferreri, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Vinny Ferreri

    Vinny Ferreri New Member

    Jan 13, 2015
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    Well.....event 6 was interesting to say the least. We got pooped out of fishing creek. We ended up at Lake Wylie. Numbers were down a bit with the chaos and with it being 100 degree July heat. Regardless, we had a solid 28 anglers show up to Hunt Fish Paddle this morning at 5am. The lake has been tough lately, and priced tough again today. Not many big bags, and not a lot of limits.

    John Ladd takes home another first place victory with 70 inches! He also tied for big bass w...ith a 19.25. John won $526 today and also won $37 to use at Hunt Fish Paddle. John also claims another hair cut from Keith Faulkenberry at Lakeside Barbers. 2nd place and our new Native Watercraft AOY leader, Tim Sabella with 64.75 inches, and also a 19.25 big bass. Tim takes home $338!
    3rd place goes to the young gunna Zach Clark with 64.25inches worth $182! Rounding out the cash spots, Joey Randall in 4th with 60.25 worth $60 and ANOTHER Bending Branches paddle! The PersonaForm Designs bubble boy prize goes to Lee Stikeleather, winning a Personaform hat. 6th and 7th, Kevin Wilkinson and Tyler Smith take home Bass Crazy 365 hats! Michael Hearn takes home small bass awards today with a solid 8 inches. He wins $100 and a hat, with the added Yak Bass'n money. We also donated $75 to hero's on the water today. Graham Reay takes home the funny side pot, any species but bass, with a 13.5inch catfish, worth $45.
    Huge thanks to Adam Fillmore for having us at the shop on short notice. Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors.

    Event 7 is August 19th. It's a multi lake event. Lake wylie, Norman, and mountain island will be open. Ramps, paying, and all other details will be announced in a few days.
    Thank you for fishing, I hope you all had a great time.

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