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Discussion in 'YakAttack Supported Events' started by Vinny Ferreri, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Vinny Ferreri

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    Jan 13, 2015
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    Event 3 of 2017 is done, and we once again had our best turnout ever. We had 53 come out for the Lake Wylie event. The weekend started great with over 35 guys coming out to Hunt Fish Paddle for some hot dogs, pre registration, and good times. Almost everyone who was in the shop was complaining about how hard the lake has been. Cold front moved the bass, off beds, on beds, deep, shallow, who knows. I personally got my butt kicked all week on it.
    5am rolls around and guys star...t walking into the shop for signups. We end up with 53 and head out. With 7 ramps open, anglers were spread out all over the lake. It seems as if the shad spawn happened over night and most fish were caught fast and early around rocks.
    I would like to say a huge thank you to all the clubs sponsors, supporters, fisherman, anyone who is involved. We have such a great thing going and I'm so proud of this city. Anytime something is needed this club steps up. When Eric Moore and Chillybeat Fishing and Outdoor Apparel are in need, Adam Fillmore and I slap a raffle together and with the help of Jackie Hughes and Matthew Frazier we raised close to $1500 in 4 days!!!!!! Wow.

    First place goes to Mr. Tim Sabella. This guy is a beast on the water. He had a solid Wylie bag with 70.75 inches worth $696.
    2nd place goes to the young gunna Timmy Thao with 69.75inches worth $417. He also was the highest paddle yak finisher earning him the new Bending Branches paddle. Third place goes to the commish with 69inches worth $278. 4th goes to Tina Sonatore-Sinker with 67.5in, taking home $160. 5th was Andy Alaina Myers(Andy) with 66.75 worth $120.
    6th- Joey Randall 66.5 worth $100
    7th Matt Hawj 66.25 worth $60 and small bass with 6.75 inches worth another $200!!!!
    Rounding out the cash spot in 8th was Zach Clark with 65.75 worth $40. Missing the cash but earning a PersonaForm Designs hat Austin Vang with 65.25in.
    Congrats to all the people who got a check!!

    We also had a 3 way big bass tie. Buster Swisher, Timmy Thao, and Richard May all had 19.25inch bass, earning them each $86.

    Our next event is May 20th and is the Mystery Lake double point event. We will draw on May 18th at 8pm (ish) live on Facebook. No prefishing allowed. Ramps will be posted this week per lake. 1 ramp per lake.

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