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Discussion in 'YakAttack Supported Events' started by Vinny Ferreri, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Vinny Ferreri

    Vinny Ferreri New Member

    Jan 13, 2015
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    Event two of the 2017 season is done! We had 45 anglers come out and fish hard today. A few of the usual suspects were out of town today. We had a lot of new faces join the club.
    I rolled up at 615am, and no matter what I'm never first. Someone is always so pumped they beat me to the ramp. Today I was greeted by Dewayne Houser and Buster Swisher.
    What a perfect morning for check in, zero wind really makes things easier. We had 6 more anglers jump in the AOY race so we will ...now qualify the top 15 for the championship.
    Weather was looking good, and reports were the lake was on fire!!! Anglers were pumped to launch and smack some bass.
    Weather changed a few times, sunny, cloudy, windy, calm, and by the end of the day, we had a ton of fish to measure.
    First place went to a well deserved Kevin Wilkinson with 65.75. He had two solid fish. Kevin takes home $672, and 300 points. 2nd place goes to Andy Myers, with 62.50 worth $403. He also takes home the big bass award with a 20.5in stud worth another $220!! Third place goes to Tim Sabella with 61.75 inches worth $268. 4th goes to the commish with 61 inches and he takes home $120, and $50 worth of smack talking side pot money!!! 5th place goes to David Golding with 60.75 worth $80. Joey Randall takes 6th with 60.25, winning $40 and as the highest paddle finisher he wins the Bending Branches paddle!! In the PersonaForm Designs spot, Richard May weighs in 60.25 and wins a QCKBF hat! Small bass was 7.75 inches and won Zach $180!! We donated $155 to hero's on the water. Thank you Jackie Hughes. Jason Lowe also donates $25 bonus money to the small bass pot!!

    Huge thank you goes out to our sponsors for all the raffle prizes and the gift certificates. Kevin with the win takes home $25 from Hunt Fish Paddle and a free hair cut with Keith Faulkenberry and Lakeside Barbers. We also had 10 giveaways from YakAttack! We also gave away lures and gift certificates from TrueSouth Custom Lures, Caraway Creek Custom Baits, and @412 Baits, @briansbaits. Terry L. Manley gave away a Manley rod won by John Ladd.
    Thank you everyone for your support. Please upload your pictures into Google drive by Tuesday evening.

    With no pc at my current house, I will do AOY update Monday.

    Our next event is April 15th on the great Lake Wylie!!!
    Can't wait!!!

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