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GearTrac 90 Install with a Full Back Backing Plate on Cuda14

Discussion in 'GearTrac' started by Prototype, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Prototype

    Prototype New Member

    Jun 9, 2012
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    I installed an 8" GearTrac 90 (GT90-08) in a narrow area next to the seat of my Jackson Cuda14. There was no way possible to use a bolt/nut combination to secure the GT90 in this area so I used an 8" FullBack GT90 Backing Plate (FB-GT90-08) and installed it alone. The FullBack took the place of the nuts supplied with the GT90. With it, and the method used in the video, you can install a GT90 anywhere on a kayak.

    This gear track will be used with two YakAttack 1" Screwballs (SB1), and two RAM Transducer Arms will be fitted to the Screwballs. This is part of a Lowrance HDS 7 Touch install which requires two transducers (RAM-B-316-18-TRA1-202-225) from RAM Mounts, one for the 2D transducer and the other for the Structure Scan transducer.

    I decided to use a GearTrac 90 in this location because I want to be able to adjust the transducer arms when approaching shallow water. I decided on the GearTrac 90 because I transport my kayak upside down on top of my SUV, once the arms and screwballs are removed I have a flat surface with nothing protruding.

    I use an original 4" GearTrac (GT175-04) in one of the recessed areas of my Cuda14's center hatch along with a 1.5" Screwball (SB15) for an attachment point for The unit's mount. The mount for the unit is a RAM-111U by Ram Mounts.
  2. MrWndrfl

    MrWndrfl Member

    Aug 16, 2012
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    Nice work and good video.


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