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Gear Trac install; Trident 13.

Discussion in 'GearTrac' started by Lt.FireDog, May 16, 2012.

  1. Lt.FireDog

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    Feb 1, 2012
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    Florida's Treasure Coast
    Getting ready for the Jax Classic last week, I needed to do an easy install of a pair of 4" YakAttack Gear Trac's so I would have a place to mount my new VISICarbon Pro and later on, the Panfish camera mount, and since a big box of YakAttack "toys" was delivered by UPS, I had all that I needed for a quick project.
    The area I used is indented with the idea to mount accessories but it's not actually level, yet with the concave base of the Gear Tracs I was able to make it level no problem.
    Install was pretty straight forward- find true level of boat, then level the Gear Trac; mark two holes with sharpie, drill one hole, install one screw, line trac up with other sharpie mark, then drill other three holes.....tighten till they stop ("hand tight") and good to go.




    With VISICarbon Pro mounted and rudder up/down lines crossing over.

    New decal(s) installed.

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