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Bolts & nuts or thread forming screws?

Discussion in 'GearTrac' started by DanWulf, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. DanWulf

    DanWulf New Member

    Mar 19, 2012
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    Copenhagen, De
    I'm the happy owner of a Hobie Revolution and I'll now rig the kayak with RAM rod holders and a Garmin 5" plotter/fish finder. For this set-up I've purchased 3 x 12" GearTrac. I have seen that other members here have used the standard thread forming screws (included in package) for the GearTrac. My question is whether there is any point in using stainless bolts and nuts for at least some of the holes in the GearTrac in order to increase the strenght of mounting of the tracks?
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  2. YakAttack

    YakAttack Guest

    When installed properly, the thread forming screws are more than enough for standard kayak accessory applications (electronics mounts, rod holders, camera poles, lights, etc). But if it makes you more comfortable, there's nothing wrong with installing a few screws with nuts in some of the holes.

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